• Babyjabba

    Canadian character actor, Barry Pepper best known for his roles in Saving Private Ryan and The Green Mile, has some big shoes to fill in the new version of True Grit (2010). He will be playing Ned Pepper, a role originally played by Robert Duvall. Pepper was recently asked about the film and how he felt about reinterpreting Duvall's role.

    "You know, I had never seen the original and I had been asked to read for this part of "Lucky" Ned Pepper, of all names. I thought, well this is a bit of type casting, to come to a Pepper to play a Pepper. So I read for the part and I created the character, not knowing what Bob had done. When I got the role, somebody had told me that it wasn't just based on the book, and that I should see the original film…

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  • Babyjabba

    Can Bridges Top "The Duke?"

    November 17, 2010 by Babyjabba

    Welcome to the True Grit Wiki, where all things with grit live! With the new flick coming out I was curious... Do you think Jeff Bridges can live up to The Duke, John Wayne? He is not just a legend in western cinema but an American icon! What do you think western afficiandos, in the land of tumble weeds who would win in the ultimate showdown?

    Vote for the Top "Rooster" Now!

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