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La Boeuf in the 2010 adaptation.

La Boeuf is played by Glen Campbell in the 1969 film adaption of True Grit, and by Matt Damon in the the 2010 version.

LaBoeuf is a Texas Ranger who helps bounty hunter Reuben J. Cogburn and Mattie Ross hunt down Tom Chaney.


Character BiographyEdit

LeBoeuf is an expierienced Texas Ranger who is also on the trail of Tom Chaney during the events of True Grit.

LeBoeuf is in either his late twenties or early thirties, he has auburn hair and a somewhat persistant cowlick. He fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War, serving with General Kirby Smith in Shreveport, 1863, and later with the Army of Northern Virginia. A proud Texan and Ranger, he is known to wield a Sharps Carbine Rifle of which he is very proud of, claiming that it is a precision machine in his hands.

During the events of True Grit, LeBoeuf he is introduced to Mattie Ross before she sets out to find Chaney, initially they butt heads, with Mattie insulting him serveral times. It is revealed that he has been tracking Chaney for some time, after Chaney killed a senator in Texas. He is denied the partnership but he soon comes to an agreement with Reuben Cogburn, the agreement is broken when the two have a small arguement due to LeBoeuf's criticism of Rooster's War record.

He continues to pursue Chaney alone and runs into the Ned Pepper gang. The gang seizes him and drags him along behind a galloping horse. Rooster saves him, but accidetally shot his shoulder. LaBoeuf nearly severs his tongue in the process. cack

They meet once again the next day, the Ranger saves both Mattie and Cogburn, he kills Lucky Ned in the process. He is last seen on a high

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