Even thought True Grit is a movie that doesn't have a lot of romance or anything there are still lots of fans out there who support certain pairings from this film.

I would have to say that I myself classify the pairings in this movie by lists. The top three actually.

The top pairing, to my knowlage, is Mattie/Labeouf.

Oh, this pairing makes me laugh. I have seen lot's of things about this pairing on several different sites on the internet.

One of the first sites that holds most of the fanon is

Many of the Mattie/Labeouf stories are found here:

The Mattie/Labeouf pairing is considered a pedophilic pairing because of their age difference. Since Labeouf is in his early or mid 20's and Mattie is 14. There doesn't seem to be that many people who have a reason to hate the pairing except for the age difference.

Some people consider this pairing as a really big crush, or love that is hidden really well between the two.

The second top pairing is Mattie/Chaney.

Often considered a love hate relationship. Certain people perseve them as two people who hate eachother but still have feelings for one another, and other times they secretly love each other.

This pairing is also considered a pedophilic relationship because, again, the age difference.

Often times people say that Tom is a rapist and that when he had held Mattie hostage he raped her.

And that last pairing, Mattie/Cogburn.

Because of the age difference that again is considered pedophilic.

Because Mattie went out of her way to find Cogburn people tend to think that she has a secret crush on him because of his braveness.